30 Years of AcuTech: What’s Next

This year, AcuTech celebrates a rich history of 30 years of process risk management. To commemorate this milestone, we had a discussion with David Moore, Founder, CEO, and President of AcuTech. Join us as we dive into our history, present, future growth, and memorable anecdotes.

As AcuTech turns 30, we delve into future investments, trends, and the path to continued leadership.

Investments in the Future of Process Safety

As AcuTech looks forward, we continue to bring new services to the industries we serve and innovations to make process safety improvements. We aim to broaden our reach into key global markets, establishing a stronger local presence. Concurrently, we’re committed to bolstering our talent pool, ensuring a deeper bench of skilled professionals to meet evolving client needs. We strive to be the industry leader in these services and to provide high quality and value to our clients.

AcuTech is exploring client needs and the intersection of management sciences methods for leadership and cultural enhancement. We anticipate that various technical elements, including artificial intelligence, will be highly beneficial. They will help in organizing and facilitating access to the knowledge base essential for process safety management. We are very active in helping industry transition to more sustainable practices and technologies.

Staying a Leader in the Field

In the coming decade, the field of process safety will expand significantly, becoming more crucial than ever. Expectations, including those from stakeholders and the public, will progressively become more stringent and difficult to achieve. We will be ahead of the rapidly evolving and expanding global developments to remain not only highly relevant, but a leader. Scaling the organization will be necessary to meet these demands, requiring investments in top experts and contributions from research and development. Progressive leadership within the firm will also play a crucial role in this endeavor.

A Message to All on AcuTech’s Future

We are deeply grateful for the privilege of serving numerous clients across thousands of pivotal and important projects, each contributing to our growth and evolution. As AcuTech faces our future and we evolve with changing times, our aim is to emerge as the leading provider of process safety services. We eagerly seek significant challenges and opportunities, partnering closely with clients to ensure their enduring success.

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