Process Safety Webinar Series Held Summer 2020

AcuTech hosted a five-part free webinar series to discuss the various process safety management and risk management topics.

Watch the full process safety webinar series.

Don’t Be Blind-‘Sited’: Facility Siting Insights

Presenters: Colin Armstrong and Don Connolley
Duration: 45 Minutes
Description: Facility siting is required to be assessed in the United States and many other countries around the world. However, siting studies are complex, and that complexity can make it difficult to manage the process and implement effective results. In this webinar, we will breakdown the what’s, why’s, and how’s of facility siting. Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • What is a facility siting study?
  • Why perform a facility siting study?
  • What is required?
  • Types of studies (consequence/ risk)
  • Facility siting pitfalls
  • Closing the gap

This free webinar will be particularly useful for anyone who manages execution of, analyzes results of, or follows up with recommendations from facility siting studies. AcuTech’s Facility Siting experts, Don Connolley and Colin Armstrong, will present the webinar which will include a Q&A session.

Case Study: LG Chem’s May 2020 Styrene Release

Presenter: Vijay Mandlik and Marty Rose
Duration: 45 Minutes
Description: On May 7, 2020, an incident occurred at the LG Chem Facility in Visakhapatnam, Southern India had a major styrene release which resulted in 13 fatalities and hundreds of hospitalizations of employees as well as the public. This webinar will review this incident and identify the root cause based on information available to date.

How Do We Improve Our PHA?

Presenter: Sam Aigen and Rich Santo
Duration: 45 Minutes
Description: Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is a well-established method for identifying hazards. However, risk results may vary as the teams change from study to study. This webinar will identify methods to improve consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in PHA Studies. This webinar will review:

  • PHA Team / Company Considerations
  • Risk Ranking Considerations
  • Creating PHA Team Quick-Reference Materials:
    • Consequence-Severity Model
    • Quantify Release Size
    • Identify the Consequence for Each Release

What is an Inherently Safer Design (ISD) Study?

Presenter: David Moore
Duration: 45 Minutes
Description: Inherently Safer Design (ISD) studies are relatively new in the world of process safety management but provide immeasurable value. This webinar will review:

  • What is an ISD study?
  • How is an ISD study conducted?
  • What are the advantages of ISD?
  • Why do an ISD study?

Case Study: Inadvertent Mixing During Unloading Operations

Presenter: David Heller
Duration: 45 Minutes
Description: Inadvertent mixing poses a major hazard to all batch operations. On October 25, 2016, an incident occurred at MGPI Processing in Atchinson, Kansas which resulted in 140 first aids and 6 hospitalizations of employees and the public. This webinar will review this incident and identify the root cause as well as how to prevent future mixing incidents.

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