Behind the Meaning of AcuTech’s Logo

AcuTech’s logo is simple yet striking. Have you ever pondered the significance behind AcuTech’s logo? In March 1994, as David Moore founded AcuTech, he aimed to create a symbol that would timelessly embody our commitment to comprehensive process safety and risk management. Here is a brief glimpse into the conceptualization of our logo, crafted decades ago and still in use today.

AcuTech’s name is a portmanteau word – a name that consists of two merged keywords.

“Acu” represents “acumen,” signifying having good insight or the ability to make good judgments, while “tech” underscores our deep technical knowledge and experience.

The AcuTech logo features an abstract “A” representing AcuTech while also forming the frame of a process, with a drop symbolizing loss of containment. Outside of containment, the drop color is red, signaling a highly hazardous event, which aligns with one of our key our objectives: preventing catastrophic releases. The red serves as a reminder of what can occur if we lose diligence and commitment to our mission. 

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