EPA RMP Revisions Overview & Analysis Webinar Recording Available

Last week, AcuTech and Farley & Partners LLP kicked off a webinar series on the revisions to the EPA’s RMP rule with an overview. The slides and recording for the first webinar are now available.

The EPA RMP Revisions Webinar Series Continues

We are continuing the webinar series on the EPA RMP final rule revisions by tackling specific elements. The second webinar will cover Safer Technologies and Alternatives Analysis (STAA).

2024 Revisions to the EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule: STAA

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024
2:30 – 3:30 PM EDT

The RMP Final Rule includes requirements for Safer Technology and Alternatives Analysis (STAA) which is, in effect, a review for inherently safer technologies and design. This is the first time that any federal, state, or local process safety regulator has required any sort of risk reduction measure be implemented as a result of a hazard evaluation. In this webinar, AcuTech and Farley Partners, LLP will discuss the stated requirements for these reviews and how operating companies can plan for and implement them as part of the Process Hazard Analysis process. The analysis will include a review of both technical and legal considerations operators will need to review and address to achieve compliance with the new rule.

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